“This amazing lady is a GP, mother, a wellness coach, runs her own business and practices all the advice that she gives out. When you first speak with Dr Wendy, be it face-to-face or over the phone, you will notice just how calming she is. She puts you at ease very quickly and is really easy to talk to.


I connected immediately with Dr Wendy from the offset because as well as being a mum; with her own business, she just ‘gets’ me and the daily pressures and little struggles of my life.  Also, just like me, she doesn’t have any taboo subjects and that is huge ice breaker for me.


As I had a few on-going health concerns prior to our appointment I gave her a brief run down of my physical ailments and the names of the outstanding professionals supporting me. They included an amazing physiotherapist and the whole team of doctor’s and nurses at my GP practice. I loved the fact that Dr Wendy had worked personally with my personal GP, who is the most supportive professional person I have ever met and have had the pleasure of being treated by.


Dr Wendy is incredibly relaxed in her approach yet fiercely focused and experienced in what she talks about. She clearly practices what she preaches as she is a very positive person and a huge advocate for staying active and finding a sport or hobby that gives you not only time out from your usual routine, but one that challenges you mentally and physically.


Dr Wendy is very focused on the preventative approach to health rather than just the cure. She believes that if you look after yourself in mind and body, then you are already halfway there to maintaining good health.


I opted for The WellWoman Check which is for all women aged 18-75 years and paying specific attention to female health concerns. This was of great interest and significance to me as my body has been through so much in the last 8 years – a Neurological issue to my right arm, minor head injury and 7 miscarriages prior to one successful but very challenging pregnancy.


The health questionnaire prior to my appointment was very detailed in respect of historical and on-going medical conditions. I found it surprisingly enlightening filling out the parts for exercise, nutrition, sleep, mood, stress and goal setting. By the end of the questionnaire I was very much aware of just how chaotic my life had become.


Dr Wendy told me that my health check would include a blood test which I needed to fast for. This filled me with dread for three reasons and in this order. I hate needles and anyone who tries to take blood from me always ends up doing so with great difficulty. Apparently I have veins that like to hide. I live for food and the thought of starving myself fills me with so much sadness. Lastly, I worried how quickly she would do the blood test so I could stuff my face with my packed lunch that I fully intended to bring.


I need not have worried because on the morning of my appointment Dr Wendy put me straight at ease by laying me down and distracting me with hilarious chat whilst she very skillfully took my blood. Honestly, I’ve never had an experience like it before.


She had a massive fruit basket waiting for me as she knew from our initial chat that I eat regularly. I think it really helped that her consulting room is in a beautiful building with plenty of spaces for parking and the ambience and set up is just ideal for the services that she offers.


We went through my questionnaire and it certainly involved more of me talking than Dr Wendy. I really like the way in which she encourages you to think about alternative methods to looking after your body and mind. She is clearly a doctor at heart but also a life coach and that becomes apparent in her line of questioning.


She has this genius knack of asking you a simple question about an element of your life such as your stress levels, diet, relationships, perceptions and then turning it around so that you are then questioning your answer. As well as doing a very in-depth MOT, (a full physical examination and detailed lesson on how to check your breasts) she gets you to honestly assess how you feel about your mind, body, diet, mood, fears and worries. If I’m being completely frank, when my health check was over I wasn’t entirely surprised by anything that she said. I already knew that I was, (and still am to a certain degree) stretching myself beyond belief.


I was never making any time for myself and I thought that this was about right for a  new mum with a part time job, trying desperately with every spare minute of the day to grow a new business. Dr Wendy helped me to see how detrimental this was to my health and also how it was impacting on my ability to be the best mother, wife, friend, worker and business owner.


She really encourages you to open up about all aspects of your life and she very cleverly pulls them altogether so that you can see just how they are all interlinked. She made me see how little I actually do for myself as I solely concentrate all of my efforts on my immediate family at home, my job and my business.


Dr Wendy made me look at my diet in great detail and explained in simple terms to me the correlation between how badly I was fuelling my body with my serious lack of energy and sheer exhaustion by the end of each day. She gave me lots of advice and ideas on how to change this in a way that was practical and achievable for my lifestyle.


She worked out that my biggest struggles are with time management, massively over committing myself and just not being kind enough to myself in respect of how I relax. I joked that baths and reading are pretty much a thing of the past for me, (lets not even start with my sewing machine and knitting needles that are growing cobwebs as I type..) and yet they are two simple things (and free) that I have always really appreciated for the ability that they have to make me switch off and chill out.


Another thing that we identified throughout my appointment was that although I scored very positive for my mood, I scored very high with stress levels.


It was a combination of this appointment and the results, (which came via a report and then a phone call to explain it all) that really made me see the importance of looking after my wellbeing to then in turn help me be the best person that I can be.


Dr Wendy filled me with so much positivity and I came away from this health check feeling so much more aware of my body, how I feel about every aspect of my life and what I want to do with this amazing gift of life.


I am going to continue working with Dr Wendy as she is going to coach me to bring calmness, structure and help me to achieve my life long goals.”


Eileen, St Albans

I recently had a Wellwoman Assessment with Wendy.  


I'm lucky enough to enjoy very good health but nevertheless having reached a certain age it's important to check that everything's in order from time to time.  The assessment is very comprehensive and painless and Wendy gently guides you through all aspects of your health, including any areas which may need extra attention, followed by an in-depth report of the results and a detailed health plan.  


I think this is the best investment I'll make this year and would highly recommend.


Judy, St Albans