I can not rate my experience with Dr Molefi enough. She took the time to listen to my health issues and with her knowledge advised me on the next steps on my menopausal journey. Everything was explained to me clearly and with her extensive knowledge it gave me confidence to move into the next stage of my life. I felt that with her medical knowledge partnered with a holistic approach I was getting a whole body and mind view on my medical issues.


With her recommendations of medical tests to start with this gave me piece of mind that there was no underlying health issues and can move forward into HRT and further alternative practitioners if needed without any concern. I would highly recommend Dr Molefi and the service she provides. She has given me a sense of calm and confidence with my choices with regards to the menopause and I know that I can email or call her to talk things through further if needed.


VM. Harpenden 

I have just had one consultation with Dr Wendy, in that one hour meeting I explained all my symptoms and fears that I had around HRT.I was given a prescription from my local doctor which was not the correct treatment for the symptoms that I had, I was reassured by Dr Wendy and advised on another treatment along with necessary lifestyle changes.


It has relieved my levels of anxiety knowing that I have a doctor that knows how to properly treat menopause and is knowledgable on the matter.I felt that I could ask her anything as she was very understanding and sensetive to my issues around menopause.I feel much more confident and empowered as I am going through this journey- I would definitely recommend seeing Dr Wendy and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to meet her and that she is there to support me through menopause.


CC. Harpenden 

I started experiencing symptoms of the menopause about a year ago. I had really been struggling and haven't been able to see my GP. It was easy to get an appointment and I was given time to ask all my questions.


Dr Molefi was understanding, knowledgeable and seeing her has made a huge difference, just being listened to, understood and reassured has made a difference. This is such a huge subject that just doesn't get discussed enough.


SH. St Albans

Making an appointment with Dr Molefi is the best thing I have done since I started experiencing symptoms of the menopause about a year ago. I had really been struggling and had so many questions which my local GP tried to help with but there was always a time limit.


It was incredibly easy to get an appointment and I was given time to ask all my questions and talk through options and any concerns. What helped the most was not just talking about it from a medical point of view but talking about the mental health aspect, lifestyle changes, supplements. This is such a huge subject that just doesn't get discussed enough. I have already recommended Dr Molefi to some of my friends.


CR. Hitchin

Dr Molefi saw me when I was feeling particularly desperate. I was listened to and advised accordingly on some vital well being changes to improve my mindset and mood. Most importantly I was prescribed some HRT which I am sure is going to make a huge difference to my outlook on things and improve my menopause symptoms.


I collected some paperwork of bloods I had done from a previous test. Dr Molefi pointed out a crucial result that had not been explained to me before!!


I received an in-depth report about my consultation with her which was very informative. I am looking forward to the results of the HRT and seeing Dr Molefi for some life coaching sessions. I highly recommend visiting her for advice.


NT. Abbots Langley 

It was very easy indeed to book my appointment - 10/10

My experience was excellent - 10/10

Consultant was empathetic and kind, and good active listener. Understood the problem and was well equipped to supply various solutions. 10/10

Definitely would recommend Dr Molefi to anyone who is looking for help with menopause. 


JE. St Albans 

Dr. Wendy Molefi was a keynote speaker at a Women's Health Conference the Women's Ministry at my church facilitated. Given her specialist interest in Menopause and being an experienced GP, we thought she would be the most appropriate speaker, and that she was!


I received overwhelming positive feedback from the attendees with respect to her presentation. What the ladies loved most was the way she was able to explain the Menopause in a way we could all understand, breaking it right down for the average person. She was patient and fielded questions from the participants with such grace and knowledge.


The information Dr. Molefi provided was very helpful and insightful for all participants. We were blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Molefi and we will absolutely be looking at having her back with us in the future.


Stephanie Barton

Event Organiser, Ontario. Canada



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