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There is clear evidence that a happy and healthy workforce is a more productive one, which is why the introduction of a health and wellbeing programme makes sound financial sense.




The modern workplace is an increasingly frenetic and pressurised place where more and more is expected of us on all fronts. Stress and work-related anxiety are very real problems for business owners and their employees, costing the economy millions of pounds a year due to reduced productivity and sick leave.


As with a lot of health related issues prevention is better, and cheaper, than cure! By looking after your people, you are also looking after the future and finances of your business.




A recent study by the UK Government highlights how an improvement in employee wellbeing really does impact positively on workplace performance, profitability and quality of output or service.


See: GOV.UK - Review of evidence on employee wellbeing and its potential impact on workplace performance


Employees who are better able to manage their work-life balance, tackle stress and make positive lifestyle choices are the same people who will bring the necessary energy and drive to keep your business moving forward.


The benefits of a wellbeing programme for both organisation and employee are compelling:


For the organisation:


Improved work performance and productivity

Reduced absenteeism and sick leave

Decreased frequency and cost of workers’ compensation

Improved staff morale, satisfaction and motivation

Improved corporate image and attraction/retention of employees

Increased return on training and development investment

Improved employee engagement and employee relationships


For the employee:


Increased sense of wellbeing in the different aspects of their personal and professional lives

Improved physical health and mental wellbeing

Improved morale, motivation and job satisfaction

Increased confidence, performance and interactions with fellow colleagues




We have the expertise and experience in supporting organisations and their employees.


We appreciate that no two businesses are the same, so every wellbeing programme created by Vital Wellness Clinic is tailored specifically to the needs of the organisation in question.


We align our strategy with your values and objectives to ensure a return on your investment. 


We pride ourselves in working flexibly to bring your organisation:

  • A comprehensive and holistic service, supporting both physical and emotional wellbeing
  • A focus on long-term relationships and ongoing support
  • Access to a network of highly trained local clinicians and therapists
  • Specialist services, such as Corporate and Executive Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching and group workshops
  • Facilitation of team building and away days