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Dr Wendy Molefi



GP l Menopause Specialist l Wellbeing Coach l Mindfulness Teacher


Dr Molefi is an award winning  Menopause Specialist recognised by the British Menopause Society. With her background in wellness coaching and mindfulness teaching, she brings an integrated and preventative approach to her clinical practice. 


She firmly believes that health and wellbeing matters at all times, not just when things go wrong. All too often many of us put our health niggles and stresses to one side, until they become a real problem.


Dr Molefi has a strong track record of helping her clients achieve their goals in improving their health and wellbeing. She is an accomplished international speaker and advocate for increased awareness of the impact of the menopause in the workplace.


She has a special interest in the psychological impact of the menopause on women's quality of life. Her dissertation on ‘The role of Mindfulness Based Intervention in facilitating psychological adjustment in the menopause’ was published in the British Menopause Society Journal and presented at the International Mindfulness Conference in South Africa. 


Why Vital Wellness Clinic?


The main focus at Vital Wellness Clinic is to support women through the menopause transition by providing them with expert evidence-based advice and treatment.


We also facilitate workshops and retreats to inform and enable women, most of whom are still working, to flourish in this important phase of their life. We also support organisations to understand the impact of the menopause on women in the workplace and how they can support them.