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Dr Wendy Molefi-Youri



I am a Private GP, Wellness Coach and Mindfulness teacher.


I am a highly experienced medical doctor with more than 20 years experience in practice, and have a special interest in women's health and wellbeing.


All too often many of us put our health niggles and stresses to one side, until they become a real problem. It is my firm belief that our health and wellbeing matters at all times, not just when things go wrong.


As a qualified health and wellness coach I am passionate about providing a holistic and preventative approach to wellbeing. I have a strong track record of working with individuals and teams, helping my clients to achieve their goals and improve their health and wellbeing.


I started Vital Wellness Clinic because I want to offer a service that encourages a more proactive approach to health, a service that affords clients time to fully explore both their physical and  emotional concerns. As we know, the mind and body are inextricable; the way we think and behave affects our physical and emotional wellbeing and vice versa.


Mindfulness practice is an important part of my daily life. Not only have I learnt life skills that have helped me navigate the ups and downs of everyday life, I use mindfulness in my clinical and coaching practice with tangible benefits to my patients. I have recently completed a Masters degree in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at Oxford University.


As if all that is not enough! I also enjoy speaking and facilitating workshops and wellbeing days on mindfulness and other health and wellbeing topics.