Menopause Care

The menopause is as much an emotional change as it is a physical one. 


Most women experience the typical symptoms which include hot flushes, night sweats, irregular or erratic periods, weight changes, aching joints, sexual difficulties, tiredness, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression and mood swings. However, for some women symptoms can be atypical and insidious, thus delaying diagnosis. 


During your consultation you will have plenty of time to discuss your symptoms and any worries you might have. We will also assess your overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. If further investigations are required these will be fully discussed and explained.


Treatment options will be discussed and if a prescription is required this will be provided. 


After the consultation you will receive a detailed report of our discussion by email. This sets out the results of any tests and provides an explanation of anything that might need further attention. The report also includes  recommendations for how you can address the symptoms of menopause and tweak your lifestyle, diet or exercise to minimise any long-term impact on your health. 


Vital Wellness Clinic is also on hand to connect you with other health or wellness services, such as nutritional advise, personal training, coaching and mindfulness classes as required.




Initial Consultation  up to 50 minutes                    £290

Follow up Consultation up to 30 minutes            £145

Blood test appointment                                              £130*

Repeat Prescription                                                       £45

Email Consultation                                                        £65 - 130

(This is for emails that are more than a quick query. 

You will be informed of fee before the response)

Admin fee                                                                           £65 - 130

(This is for request for copies of reports, additional letters.

You will be informed of the fee beforehand.)                                                                                            

*Additional cost for investigations

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Call 01727 226911 for General Enquiries