Menopause Assessment

Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, tiredness, anxiety, irregular or erratic periods, weight gain – the list of body niggles associated with the menopause is pretty long!


The menopause usually affects woman aged 45-55, but can be earlier for some women. Some women embrace this time of change positively, whilst others might be fearful of it’s significance or struggle to cope with the symptoms.  The Vital Wellness Clinic is here to support your journey and help you surf the wave of change.


The Menopause Assessment is an opportunity to focus specifically on any menopausal symptoms or worries you might have, as well as look at your overall health and wellbeing.


Who it’s for: Typically, women aged 40+


Length: This is a 60-minute consultation.


Cost: £395


What it covers:

Detailed medical history

Lifestyle assessment

Stress level assessment

Weight and height check

Body Mass Index

Blood pressure

Body fat percentage

Waist size circumference

Physical Examination as relevant


Full blood count

Liver and kidney function

Calcium / Vitamin D test

Ferritin test

Full cholesterol profile

Thyroid function

Female hormonal profile


What you get: After the consultation you will receive a detailed report by email.  This sets out the results of your health tests and provides an explanation of anything that might need further attention.


The report also includes a personalised health plan, containing recommendations for how you can address the symptoms of menopause and tweak your lifestyle, diet or exercise to minimise any long-term impact on your health.


The menopause is as much an emotional change as it is a physical one, so to support you after the assessment, Vital Wellness Clinic is on hand to connect you with other health or wellness services, such as personal training, health and wellbeing coaching and mindfulness classes as required.