Wellwoman Assessment

Are you running around looking after everyone else but yourself?


Has it been a while since you put your own health and wellbeing under the spotlight? Perhaps you’ve got a few body or mind niggles and want to check that everything is okay?


The Wellwoman Assessment is designed to check the status of your overall health, lifestyle and wellbeing, helping you to identify any future risk to your health and get specific advice about female health matters.


Who it’s for:  Women aged 18 – 75


Length:  This is a 60-minute consultation.


Price: £349


What it covers:


Detailed medical history

Lifestyle assessment

Stress level assessment

Weight and height check

Body Mass Index

Blood Pressure

Body Fat Percentage

Waist Size Circumference

Physical Examination (including cervical cancer screening if required)


Full blood count

Urine test

Liver and Kidney Function

Calcium and Vitamin D

Uric acid

Diabetes blood test

Full Cholesterol profile

Thyroid function (age 40+)

Cardiovascular risk score

Lung age test

Breast assessment  and self-examination advice


What you get: After the consultation you will receive a detailed report by email.  This sets out the results of your health tests and provides an explanation of anything that might need further attention, focusing particularly on the health risks specifically linked to women (e.g hormonal changes, iron deficiency, thyroid issues, cervical cancer and breast care).


The report also includes a personalised health plan containing your goals and practical recommendations for how you can improve your lifestyle, diet or exercise to reduce risk and life a happier, healthier life.


To support you after the assessment, Vital Wellness Clinic is on hand to connect you with other health or wellness services, such as personal training, health and wellbeing coaching and mindfulness classes as required.