Wellness Coaching


Are you feeling stressed or anxious about something in your life? Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and finding it difficult to focus?  Have you lost your confidence along the way? It is not uncommon for women to feel this way during the menopause.


We all know that body and mind are connected and one has a huge impact on the other.  It is quite common for some of the physical menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes and night sweats to affect sleep and mood. Equally, when we are feeling off-balance emotionally, this can set off or exacerbate our physical symptoms. 


Wellness Coaching can help you to break free of what’s holding you back and take positive steps towards improving your health and wellbeing.


If you are thinking about making some changes and are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we can guide you on the path to success quickly, professionally and with compassion.  Together we will create a tailored programme of Wellness Coaching that is focused specifically on the areas of your health or life that are proving tricky.


We offer two programmes which include a wide mix of practical tips, goal setting, values exploration, mindset  and simple mindfulness practices.


1. GOLD - 6 weekly sessions followed by 3 monthly follow up sessions

2. PLATINUM - 12 weekly sessions followed by 3 monthly follow up sessions.





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