Is life getting on top of you?


Modern life is increasingly frenetic and pressurised, where more and more is expected of us on all fronts. It is no surprise that most of us spend a lot of time feeling stressed, thinking about past mistakes or worrying about the future.


Indeed, the way we think and behave affects our physical health and emotional well-being, not to mention our relationship with family members, friends and work colleagues.


If our mind is constantly wandering we are less happy and less focused on the here and now.

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How can Mindfulness help?


Are you feeling stressed, unhappy or generally dissatisfied with life? Are you suffering with a chronic physical condition which is getting you down? Have you lost your zest for life? Are you experiencing anxiety or recurrent depression? 


Mindfulness practice can have transformational effects on the mind and body. We become more aware of unhelpful patterns of the mind and learn to make skilful choices. The mindfulness  course could offer you some skills in how better to respond to the 'ups and downs' of everyday living.  


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