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A Mindful Approach to the Menopause 

Guest Speaker 

8th May 2021

EVENT: Virtual Women's Health Conference. 

Ontario Canada

How to thrive in the Menopause

Following the Davina McCall documentary on sex myths and menopause I have been inundated with calls and enquiries from women from all walks of life seeking more information and support through this often challenging transition.


‘I want to feel listened to.’

‘I want to feel my happy self.’

‘I want to understand what is happening to my body’

‘I am worried about loosing my job.’

‘I have lost my zest for life, and I want it back.’


These are just a few of the concerns I hear from women in my clinic on a daily basis.

Does it all sound familiar to you? And, do you want to feel empowered? 


If so, don’t miss this informative and interactive session where I will share some insights and practical advice on how to thrive in the menopause.

DATE: 24th July 2021

TIME: 1000 - 1130


FEE: £5 ( All proceeds are going towards my charity)